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Soil Aeration

Improve soil aeration by entraining air in the form of micro-bubbles into irrigation water delivered through sub-surface drip irrigation using Mazzei AirJection® Irrigation Injectors.

The added air improves growing conditions by increasing root respiration and microbial activity. These improved soil conditions have shown significant increase in yields.

Injector models are designed for various water flows . Based on your system parameters, we can assist with injector selection and AirJection® system design.


  • 12%-34% increase in crop production

  • Dramatically improves late season production

  • Increased root mass results in greater nutrient uptake

  • Increased microbial activity in the soil improves growing environment
    Ideal for all soil types, including high salt soil

  • Superior construction for years of trouble-free operation
    Unit acts as a pressure regulator

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