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Pumps Unlimited supplies and installs bore-hole, agricultural, domestic and industrial pumps

Centrifugal pumpCentrifugal. High efficiency, quiet running pumps with ample, stable curves. Suitable for continuous heavy duty service in domestic, agricultural or industrial applications.

Stainless steel multistage centrifugal pumpStainless steel multistage centrifugal pumps. Economical, compact and particularly quiet, this range of domestic pumps offers high output with low consumption.

Self-priming Peripheral pump
Self-priming Peripheral pumps.

Vertical mono-block multistage pumpVertical mono-block multistage pumps. Compact, extremely quiet, high output, low consumption pumps for domestic use.


Self-priming "JET" pumpSelf-priming "JET" pumps.


Submersible pumpSubmersible pumps. Patented anti-seize system, ensuring pump operation even after being left idle for long periods, and an oversized motor in a biodegradable, non-toxic oil bath.

Submersible drainage pumpSubmersible drainage pumps. Known for the innovative design and advanced technology. Allows the emptying of dirty water mixed with suspended solid bodies without any risk of impeller blockage.

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