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Case Studies

Piggery sludge digestion through aeration

Aerated grey water systems

Airmix AirJection™ Aerators - The Ultimate Infuser Aerator

"A combination of both dissolved and micro air entrained water provides a substantially higher water to air:gas contact than can be achieved through conventional systems that rely on ineffective surface threshing methods or inefficient compressed air diffusion practices.

The secret is in the formation of micro-size bubbles; delivered by infusion in 'bite size' particles to the latent micro-organisms that are responsible for the degradation of organic impurities (COD/BOD).

AirMix systems are more cost effective to purchase and operate, using a fraction of the horsepower needed by conventional aerators. They are capable of delivering dissolved oxygen to every corner of the pond, dam, lagoon or aeration basin according to your requirements.

AirMix systems stimulate benign organisms to out compete sulphide generating bacteria, (anaerobes), this action greatly assists with the elimination of odours, and usually results in a reduction in acidity."


Drinking water aeration and ozonation

Bacteria solve wine farm pollution problems

Farmer's Weekly, 15 June 2001

"The use of intensive-farming methods is giving way to smelly effluents that are generally associated with factory farming, where the disposal of manure and other wastes is an increasing problem.

Dr Jean Piaget, one of South Africa’s foremost authorities on soils and irrigation, says he has seen streams running red with winery waste water. He is concerned about both the unnecessary waste of water and the fact that the effluent is so acidic that it is bound to harm aquatic life and users lower down stream.

Despite his concern, he says the problem is not difficult to deal with. A system that uses microbes to clean the effluent and air bubbles provided by air "injectors" may be the solution." continued..

Aeration water treatment start-up

10 minutes after start-up, intake foot valve is suspended below the white float, it has since been replaced with a still well.

Aeration water treatment - 2.5 days

2.5 days - the sludge begins breaking up

Aeration water treatment - micro bubble s

proliferation of oxygenation as micro bubbles permeate the pond

Aeration water treatment - micro bubbles

Open ended delivery pipe before submersion - note the remarkably well aerated influent, the white micro air bubbles resembling milk

Aeration water treatment - final

Odour disappeared and the pond has a noticeable 'shimmer' of sunlight reflected from the minute surface bubbles formed by aerobic bacterial activity

How the cleansing systems works
Farmer's Weekly, 15 June 2001

"The effect is almost miraculous. If the pond has been seeded with the right microbes, the anaerobic conditions disappear in a matter of days, and so does the unpleasant smell."

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