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Piggery sludge digestion through aeration

Typical piggery effluent dam with solids screen and aeration, close-up below. The bottom of the dam is filled with sludge. One self priming slurry pump and 50 mm injector was fitted. 1 Minute after start-up. Notice the dissolved air floating …

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Aerated grey water systems

Examples of grey water systems installed with solids screen. To store the water and irrigate on demand, the grey water is aerated to create aerobic conditions.

Bacteria solve wine farm pollution problems

Printed in: Farmer’s Weekly, 15 June 2001 With an increase in intensive farming, getting rid of smelly effluents has become a problem, even in the wine industry. A soil and irrigation expert discusses a new way to get rid of …

How the cleansing systems works

The water that comes out of the wineries is very acidic, and it has to be neutralised. If it is then pumped untreated into an evaporation pond, the sediment (the skins, pips and fining material) settles on the bottom. The …